Unfortunately the terms “handcrafted” or “handmade” tend to drum up nightmares of old school church bazaars with table after table of plastic mesh, pipe cleaner animals and toaster cozies. Now, I’m not saying that these things can’t be incredibly cool and funky, but it’s a tough stereotye we’re up against here. There is an entire movement afoot which is setting out to break these stereotypes while also doing a darn good job at helping this here faltering economy.

By supporting handmade you are not only getting something very cool and one of a kind, but making sure more of your money goes to a place which will make a noticeable difference….. The artist. Your local economy….. (and hey, while you can get a kick ass toaster cozy you can also get a handstitched leather bag that will make your friends drool with envy).

So let’s get this revolution movin’ – let’s buy local and support handcrafted. Let’s break this stereotype that handcrafted means wobbly craft tables and reinvent what handmade means. So you tell me, what does handcrafted mean to you? (And you know I’m dying to hear your horror stories as well…)