My mother can be thanked for almost single handedly keeping both Hallmark and the United States Post Office in business. She believes that everyone likes getting non-bill mail (and really, who doesn’t?), and has taken it upon herself to share the love. A little of that has rubbed off on me, though unfortunately not enough where I actually remember birthdays and get cards out in a timely manner. But that doesn’t mean the thought isn’t there! Right? (help me out here)

But the good news is that I have managed to take my mothers love of all things ‘card and envelope like’ and slowly wein her from Hallmark. She met me in LA for a gift show and I can safely say that the handmade cards completely rocked her world. She has seen the light and has been converted. Halleluiah. It is with cards like those of LemonLovesPaper and Robin’s Cards-n-Things that have made her giddy. And they make us pretty giddy to.

We have a pretty awesome First Friday planned for May (our last for the summer season) with Megan Burgess of LLP. And to help ya’ll be like my mother (she’s a pretty neat lady) we’re going to pick up the postage for cards you purchase, address and have ready to hit the mail. Neat eh? So bring your address book and spread a little love. You’ll even be able to meet the paper maven herself and get a sneak peak at one of her many other talents: photography. So, will we see you there?