My father has been playing the guitar since he was 9 years old, or something equally as crazy as that. I played the double bass for 10 years or so and have since picked at a banjo that arrived at our house for Christmas (a gift for someone else, but I can play too right?) while waiting for my own acoustic Takamine to make it back to the great white north. So with that said, there is obviously a love for music in the immediate and extended Bella family. And there is an amazing local musician that has definitely caught our attention….Have you met Marian Call? She is a local lady who is not only lyrically and vocally talented but an amazing person to be around. She organized the Polite Tea Party while simultaneously planning a 50 state tour. Yes, 50 states. Crazy right?? We wish her the best of luck and are so envious of all the great stuff she is going to see!

So, if you are are unfamiliar with Marian, I would most certainly encourage you to check out her website, blog and of course her tunes. She can be found on YouTube with one of my personal favorites “I Wish I Were a Real Alaskan Girl.”  And if you dig it drop by the shop and grab an autographed copy of her first album Vanilla. She is working her vocal fingers to the bone to get us her next album and we can’t wait. Can you?

…..Because supporting local means everything. Viva Handmade baby!