I do love a good farmer’s market. All of that homegrown produce…funky artisans…sunshine, and reusable canvas bags to tote your wares home in. And we are getting one right next door! It really is far too exciting. This coming Saturday (May 22nd – Joe Spenard’s birthday in fact!) marks the beginning of a rockin Spenard summer season. Stop by to see local awesomness and drop your bike at the valet scooter and bike parking. (neatest idea ever, right?)

Need a canvas bag for your purchases? Stop by and say hi (we have bunches of cute ones to choose from)! Bella will be open regular hours. Well, of course except for the times when we run over to sample some of the local restaurant treats that will be available for sale. It’s like a street fair of amazingly delicious and awesome proportions! Viva Handmade! Viva Supporting Local!