Melissa of Swirling Silver Designs (SSD) is relatively new to Bella, but our love affair has been fast and furious and her awesome creations have been flying out the door! With a mix of art and indie, she stamps, etches and hammers her way to greatness.  Did I mention she’s self taught? Wowzer! And all of this while handling 2 kidlettes….One of the many reasons we lurve her is that she agrees that sleep is totally overrated. Really. We hear ya sister. Now pass the coffee and let’s do this thing! She has been a metal-maven for the last 8 years and paying her bills with it for 3 (and we heart that).

We asked Melissa a series of fun questions. Would you like to know the answers?

  • Favorite Food: Seafood!  I grew up on the coast of Florida and I absolutely love fresh seafood…yum
  • Favorite Drink: My morning cup of coffee with a splash of milk and a touch of sugar….I gotta have it!  (sing it sister!)
  • Worst Job Ever: Waitressing, need I say more?
  • If you had $1million, what would you do with it? Give some away, buy a new dress, take a well-deserved vacation, and invest the rest?  I’m lame, I know.
  • Favorite thing about Bella? (we’re a little vain around here): It’s in Alaska!  I live in North Carolina, so this very simple fact is extremely exciting to me

Be sure to swing by the shop and check out Melissa’s goodies (not in that way of course…shes in NC!). Show the handcrafted love. Viva Handmade!