Today is Anchorage’s official Bike to Work Day. Viva Handmade team member #1 was out the door and pedaling bright and early this morning (but one of the lovely things here is that it is indeed bright, early!). We do cycle quite a bit, and as soon as we figure out how to make our little shop dog Cedar work well with a bicycle, we’ll have one for her too….and team member #2 will be heading out shortly to pedal down to the shop!

In the meantime, we are huge supporters of biking whenever and wherever you can. It’s great exercise, takes up less space to park and obviously reduces all the car junk that goes into the air. Imagine what we all could do if we biked to work once a week, or ran a quick errand pedaling….do something that cuts down our car use little by little…if each of us made a small attempt at the very least, we could single handedly revolutionize the way our world works! Oh the power! The possibilities! Let’s do this thing!