Cheryl of Bambina di Cioccolato has been with Bella since our humble beginnings in the Ship Creek Center downtown where we had to walk uphill both ways….with barbed wire for traction…and newspaper for warmth…Ok, not quite, but it was many moons ago. And we heart her. When we asked Cheryl to tell us what she made in her own words, the response was “people smile.” And it’s very true. When you grab one of those far too awesome panty purses from your bag you can’t help but crack a grin. This line has been rockin for the last 10 years with plans of world domination for the future. With a degree in fashion, Cheryl has taken to the world of entrepreneurship like a fish to water and says that owing a business is most certainly on the job training (hear hear!).

And of course, we asked some other tough questions….

  • Favorite food: Strawberry tiramisu – my mother- in- law’s recipe from Tuscany.  It’s heaven on a plate and hell on the waistline.
  • Favorite drink: I can’t think of just one! a) Shandy- that’s lemonade and beer for a summer’s day or Spanish hard cider b) Ice wine  or proseco year round c) And just so you know I’m not a complete lush I live on lemonade and seltzer water mixed. 1 part lemonade 2 parts fizzy water.
  • If you had $1million, what would you do? Move to Florence and buy an apartment near the Arno River or overlooking the city or better yet near my favorite gelateria.  But first I’d go to Brazil and Argentina on a food tour. (um, yes please. Can we come?)

Rumor on the street is that she has met a famous person or two and thinks that our little Bella is a fun place….stylish and cheerful were also mentioned in the description, (I swear we didn’t pay her to say that) and we are ready for that trip to Italy whenever she is!