Mark Poulin is a pretty nifty guy. He “make[s] sterling silver and kiln fired enamel jewelry with a slant towards pop culture” and it’s pretty darn awesome.  His quirky pieces have been his bread and butter for the last 12 years, after a class at a local rec center opened his eyes to the amazing possibilities metal has to offer. Through thrifted enamel books, and years of research and development, he has the ever evolving line we love today. Though he lives in California, he spent a summer in the Great White North once upon a time….processing fish. This understandably goes down in his book as a pretty awful job (especially since shower access was less than limited), but we would love for him to come back (no fish this time we swear) and say hi!

And we have done our homework….in the event that Mark comes to visit us, because “you’re just so darn nice” (yay! Thanks!), we’ll be ready with his favorites:

  • Favorite Food: I’m lucky, living in California I get to subscribe to a farm and get fresh veggies and fruit all year.  But I can’t live without icecream (Did you know that Alaskans eat more ice cream per capita that anywhere else in the country??). **
  • Favorite Drink: I’m craving a Manhattan from my local dive bar right now.

His double sided creations have us giddy with the possibility of “two pieces in one” and we would love to sip a cocktail or two with Mark. So what do you say? Alaskan Trunk Show in your future? *grin*

** For those of us who aren’t able to get fresh veggies from CA, we do have a few other options. Check out Full Circle Farms or Glacier Valley Farm for your own fresh produce boxes.