It is absolutely no secret that we heart handcrafted (because really, if it were at this point I would think I am doing something wrong…). Supporting locally made, awesome indie goods makes my heart go pitter patter. And now, that heart can flutter while I’m in the car going vroom vroom. Yup. Viva Handmade bumper stickers are finally here. And they are free. Why? Because I think it is so amazingly important to spread the word that I am fronting the cash for these kickin bumper stickers. Stick them to your car (or a strangers car, but I totally did not give you permission to do that…wink wink), bike, computer, you name it. Show the world you support handcrafted!

Want to be the ultimate mobil indie mobile? Check out The 3/50 Project for free window decals to show the rest of the world you support that too. I mean really, we’re in this together. Let’s spread the word!

Not local? Shoot us an email and we’ll drop one in the mail for you. Hooray!