Let me start out by saying our little urban garden project was *so* *cool.* It was too much fun to be able to check on the veggies every day and watch them progress (or not, as the case was in some instances). Though it was admittedly a terrible summer for growing almost anything, (we broke a 68 year record for consecutive days of rain. And when I say broke, we shattered. Old record: 28. New: 31. Awesome? Not at all.) we did manage to get a little tomato to ripen up and some squash to make it to tween-age stage. There are a few more tomatoes that just might make it to harvest before the weather gets too chilly, and we are hoping!

Everyone involved in the Veggies at Work program learned quite a bit and I’m looking forward to putting some of that new knowledge to good use next year with a bigger and better urban garden. I’m hoping to be able to construct some sort of raised bed and split my starts from home with those for the shop. *eee*

Do you have an urban garden? Any words of wisdom? How was your growing season? And finally, don’t you just love it?!