…And counting until the jolly fat man falls down your chimney and steals all your cookies. Are you ready? I know we haven’t even seen Halloween yet, and the Macy’s parade hasn’t officially signaled the start of the holiday season (you know, Santa in a big sleigh waving at the end of the parade after Spongebob crashes into a building?), but I say it is never too early to start crossing things off your gift list(s). Are you planning a handcrafted holiday?

Handcrafted gifts are so amazingly one of a kind they are almost a double edged sword.

  • Pro: The gift you give is so funktastically one of a kind that no one can top it, and you know there won’t be 3 others just like it under the tree.
  • Con: You see that perfect one of a kind gift and then come back for it a little later…closer to Christmas…and voila! It’s gone! Oh no! Someone else has grabbed your perfect Xmas gift.

So with that in mind, start your shopping early. The recipients of your handcrafted gifts will be so excited that it is as *perfect* as it is they will squeal with delight, and maybe give you extra eggnog (well, we can hope, right?). And don’t forget that if you are looking for custom goodies, the shakers and makers will need a little extra time to accommodate your request – they are busy elves this time of year!

So tell me…are you ready? Are you making your own gifts this year? Inquiring minds want to know!