Crystal Robinson has enjoyed art and creating things since she was a child, but has been hand painting silk since her college days. She learned the French Serti technique of silk painting in a fabric design course in 1998 at Virginia Commonwealth University & fell in love with the process then.  She rekindled that interest in 2004 when Crystal J. Silk was founded. Her “little crafty biz” is part-time – but also does freelance interior design (it’s what her degree is in…but we all know how that goes right?) and rear her almost 3-year-old son – all from home. (wow!)

So if you haven’t guessed already, Crystal is responsible for those amazingly awesome handpainted silk scarves we carry at B. Everything from rainbows to skulls, Buddhas to the newly arriving bacon, she rocks.  Though the Virginia summer differs quite a bit from our own Alaskan washout, we would like to join Crystal for one of her favorite drinks:

  • My favorite drink right now would have to be from Carena’s, a local Jamaican restaurant, called a Mid ‘n Chip. The name is a play on the cross street names of the location of the restaurant, but the drink is a refreshing mix of ginger syrup, fresh muddled limes and vodka. A perfect punch for this super hot Virginia summer!
  • Favorite Food: My favorite food is anything Asian: I love Thai drunken noodles and spicy noodle soup, Japanese sushi, Vietnamese barbeque and rice paper wraps. The spicier the better! (Umm…yes please. [insert drool here])

And of course we had to ask…What’s her favorite thing about Bella? My favorite thing about Bella is Annie! I met Annie online via Etsy years ago in it’s early days. When I found out she had opened a brick and mortar shop I thought it would be so great to have some of my work all the way in Alaska. Congrats and continued success, Annie!!! (thanks lady! I’m totally blushing!)