We are getting to that time of year when we realize that we are closer to that 4 letter s word (“snow” silly – what were you thinking?) than bbqs and picnics…which makes me think that I need to make the absolute most of the not-so-chilly weather now before it’s too late. I’ve been hitting up the local farmers markets en force and grabbing as much of the good stuff as I can. I’ve been baking, freezing and sharing the fruits of that labor of course. Call it nesting, call it “putting up,” either way I’m making peace with the approaching winter months and getting ready for all the fun that season brings as well. So it’s a little colder, and a little darker…but I’m working on some great events to get us all out and about to enjoy the festivities, support the local economy, and have some general awesome fun. Makeovers, massage and even a few shop concerts for good measure.

Bella is also available for fun of your own! Did you know that the shop is “rentable?” We are more than happy to have a little spread of treats and some bubbly for a not-so-traditional office party (hang out *and* get some of your shopping done at the same time!), bachelorette or simple ladies night out. Unable to bring the office to us? Let us bring Bella to the office! A few select items can be brought to you. Be it home, office, or even home office, we’re hear to make supporting locally handcrafted as easy as possible.