I have been bit by a ‘living simple’ bug lately and to tell you the truth it’s been a lot of fun. My husband and I are working on ways to make less of an impact on the world around us. What does this include? Taking in lots of documenteries and books on how to be a little more sustainable, and lessening our consumption of overly processed things. We have even started a compost worm bin – in our condo!

Since you are supporting handcrafted, it is already apparent that you’re excited about things that aren’t mass produced (yay!) – so why not take your commitment to one of a kind awesomeness a step further? Turn the lights off more, support your local farmer, maybe eat a little less meat…These are only little changes but they make a difference and you’ll feel great! I know I do.

Want some more info on fun things you can do? How to build your own worm bin for compost (it doesn’t smell! And you not only save loads of goodies that would have otherwise sat in a plastic bag in a landfill, but you also get some seriously rich soil in as little as 8 months)? Check out some of the awesome links below.

  • Meatless Monday – A non-profit’s goal to cut meat consumption by 15% for not only personal health, but also that of the planet.
  • Living A Simple Life Blog – A funky couple’s journey through life in their newly acquired turn of the century farm house. Check out Mr. Simpleton’s video post about making your own worm composting bin.
  • No Impact Man –  Colin Beavan of NYC launched a year long project where he and his family had almost zero impact on the environment. Some of what they did isn’t practical for Alaskan living, but it’s a great read/watch/blog. Check it out!
  •  Glacier Valley Farm CSA – If you can’t/don’t grow your own, but want fresh veggies that not only support the local economy but are also 1500 miles fresher, check out our local CSA!

Do you have anything to add that I’ve missed? I’m excited to keep scaling back on my impact while supporting local and handcrafted and unicorn hugs! (Sorry – could I really end this post without a unicorn mention? I didn’t think so…)