With artists and craftspeople, this time of year leading up to Christmas is a big topic. It might not have hit the mainstream yet (afterall there are still 77 shopping days left), but we’re all-a-chatter about having enough stock, which shows we are doing, and what we think the season might be like. Notice how I said nothing about shopping for others? Right. This is usually something that the people who supply you with those awesome one of a kind Christmas gifts usually leave until the very last minute. And would you believe me when I said that when it comes to gift giving, most of us give gifts made by other artisans…not ourselves?

I get so excited when I find that perfect give that a fellow craftsperson has lovingly made that I can’t help but buy that for my grammy, or Aunt Lulu. I know the quality of my own work is good (much improved from those macaroni necklaces, right mom?), but I get such a kick out of supporting my fellow artists that I have to share the love. With that said, what do you do? Do you make your gifts? Buy?

Regardless of what you do, let’s head into this holiday season thinking that we want to make it a Handmade Holiday. Hit up those craft shows that are already starting and search out that perfect gift. You’ll be gad you did come the weekend before Christmas…or even Christmas eve.