Well, her name is actually Megan, but regardless we like her a lot. I’m sure you’ve heard about her in previous posts, but in the spirit of answering those ‘really tough questions’ we had to give you the dish on Megan and her awesome handcrafted card line. But in her own words Megan makes “cards the old fashioned way with paper and glue. Random trinkets like buttons, lace, ribbon, string, and old postage stamps often make it onto the cards. I use a lot of thrifted and recycled materials, too!” She has been making cards for the last 4 years but as a sideline gig. In the next 5 years she hopes to still be crafting on the side, but “hopefully living somewhere cool (Alaska isn’t chilly enough for you eh?), teaching history at the college level or working at a museum (or my super dream job of working at the Smithsonian or the Library of Congress).”

  • Favorite Food:  I love Mexican food, especially enchiladas.
  • If You had $1Million: Pay off our cars (I’d have a million dollars but we’d keep our used cars, right?), buy my parents a new house, buy my grandma a new house, take a very long European vacation, go to Egypt and see the pyramids, send our families on a vacation of their choice, and bank the rest.
  • Most famous person you ever met: Kathy Griffin! Before I met her, I’d have to say Banana George. Yea. You’ve never heard of him: http://bananageorge.com/

We hear rumors that she loves Bella’s bags – especially the Tenderoni line….and had a terrible job in a big department store once. But regardless we are so glad that she found paper as her calling. I love sending her cards just as much as I love recieving them. Hooray Megan! And thanks so much for being part of the Bella family!

(and don’t forget to grab some gift tags to add to your holiday gifts – coming soon to B!)