I spent this past weekend up in Fairbanks with my personal jewelry line to attend the Holiday Marketplace at the Carlson Center. Not only are these shows great as a break from my wholesale line (did you know I do that too? It’s true! Annie’s Arts and Follies can be found in 50+ shops around the country) but I get to meet and greet the most amazing people. The handcrafted community is a very tight knit group – both supporters and shakers and makers alike.

I met a fantastic lady from Skagway (whose kickin handbags will soon be available at B) and we had a great time. I also had the pleasure of seeing some of my favorite repeat customers, and meeting new fans as well. It is so humbling to hear how amazing people find your work!

But enough about me….there is some great talent to be found at your local craft show or bazaar. It is from there that some of our amazing Bella talent is seen for the first time. Regardless how you do it, supporting your local talent is essential to your local economies success as well as society as a whole (think well rounded, educated individuals with an appreciation for handcrafted, grass roots awesomeness.). So get out there. Grab some one of a kind goodies and make some new friends while you’re at it. I did.