Last night was the first meeting of the Anchorage Church of Craft, and to quote a fellow rockin crafty lady, I definitely “had the funzies.” Discussions covered such important topics as local business hauntings, poisonous snakes in Japan, a little ferret named Betty White, and the correlation of one’s love for chocolate and the success rate of working in a sweets shop….and everything in between. (in short, we solved the problems of the world and had a blast doing it).

One of the cooler things to come out of the evening was the delivery of the latest and greatest Bella product: the detachable knit beard. And let me tell you, it ROCKS! The lovely Liza Root, creator and featured beard model has been joining us for our Stitch N Bitch: The Late Bloomer’s Society meetings as well as the Church and we are so excited to see such a dedicated knitter who happens to also rock as well.