It seems that spring is finally inching in, which as we all know, leads to summer!! The nicer weather is already so exciting – Cedar and I hit the trails on the way into the shop yesterday and it was a great way to start the day! And it was great to see everyone who stopped in to grab that special something – we love it!

To celebrate this delicious change of season, we have new earrings in from Annie’s Arts & Follies and more on the way from Letitia Brisson and One World Designs – you guys have been scarfing these up like crazy! So cool! And they are all totally one of a kind so you know you’ve got the only pair like it…! Skirts are coming from Elisabethan and those uber cute Little Man bags are in the mail! *eee*

Hoping to get our flower pots planted soon and a few more green things for inside. And of course, stay tuned for a color spruce up in the shop as well. Can you say orange?! Cedar and I are both terribly excited. So, stop by and see us soon!