You have heard us mention The 3/50 Project once, or twice…or perhaps more than that. But that’s because we truly believe in what they stand for. In this economic climate (omg), it is more important than ever to support your local ‘little guys.’ As if The 3/50 Project hadn’t given you enough ways to do that, they’ve come up with another one which fits in the palm of your hand…on your smart phone. Head to the iTunes store and look for the LookLocal app (totally free) where you can punch in your location, what you’re looking for, and Bam! There’s a list of local business (not chains) ready to help you with whatever you need. I’ve been playing with it on my phone for an hour and I have to say I’m mesmerized.

Check out the Always Upward Blog for the skinny on the app and get to it! It’s so awesome!