Obviously we’re pretty excited about our 5 year birthday bash coming up, and heck, simply being here for 5 years! It’s pretty awesome! And we’re having a great time giving goodies away too (we like spreading the love). Be sure to keep an eye  on our Facebook page for drawings and give-aways. So brush up on your Bella trivia and get your hands on free merch and extra chances to win the $250 gift card!

Answers to trivia questions thus far:

  • How many square feet was the original Bella space at 333 W 4th Ave?    144
  • What is the name of the plecostomus that keeps Dolores company in the fishbowl?    Mister Dino Fish
  • What award did Bella win in 2010 as voted by the readers of the ADN?      Best Boutique