If you don’t already know that we are all about handmade and supporting our local economy as much as possible, we are doing something wrong. But assuming you know know we’re super cute cheerleaders (minus the pom-poms and short skirts), it will come as no surprise that we are stoked about this kickstarter project by the local PopCycle maven Kait.

What on earth is a PopCycle you ask? It is a few things, but all of them are awesome. First, Kait harvests local, natural ingredients (many of which come from her own backyard) and makes them into delicious sweet frozen treats (think Popsicle without the copyright issues and high fructose corn syrup), then loads them into her sweet bike named Millie, which is outfitted with a cooler side car. She then tools around town selling these amazing pops to both locals and tourists alike. She’s even been on tv (Kait too – she was Millie’s chaperone).

Now Millie needs a big sister and Kait is ready to expand to supply more sweet treats for you and me! Support her Kickstarter campaign to buy a portable kitchen enabling things to get bigger and better. This is the real deal! This is smart local business in the making! And you can be part of it!

What’s in it for you? PopCycles of course! Almost all levels come with free pops to be claimed whenever you want – no expiration date! Another level comes with hand stamped garden markers (we may have had something to do with that….). Whatever you choose it comes with the satisfaction of knowing you helped a great cause. We are so excited about the project and the product that we will host a Bella PopCycle party if this project gets funded – free pops for everyone! So, what are you waiting for? Go! Go here – click this, donate a few dollars and treat yourself to something local, tasty and handmade!