Bella Boutique has been bringing the creme de le creme of handcrafted to Anchorage, Alaska since 2007. Fighting the stereotype that handmade means pom poms and card tables, we bring you awesome indie artists constructing the coolest accessories since sliced bread. Think Alaska is all salmon and snow cones? Think again! Check us out for the hip, unusual, and most certainly one of a kind.

And please….support the awesome people in these pages. They deserve your love and support (and probably a cookie and a kitten too).


We are also the jumping off point for the Anchorage Stitch N Bitch group, the Anchorage Church of Craft, and returning soon, the Anchorage Craft Mafia.


One Response to “About”

  1. susan hettrich-makoczy Says:

    i do not have a website. i do have a fan page on facebook. please go to it and see the spectacular glitter ornaments that i hand design. they are being sold country wide. please let me know if it is something that you would be interested in. thank you

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