Enviro Chic

More rhubarb is in today! We should get one more cutting before the snow (maybe?) flies. $4 per pack. Each weighs between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds!


Each year we grow lots of our own veggies at home. But this year we planted some extras so *you* can grow them at home! We have tomatoes and jalapeño peppers in cans (and they can totally stay in those cans all season – no need to transplant) ready to go home and produce for you. Almost all of them are in blossom, which means you’ll be seeing the fruits of your labor (haha!) super soon.


Tomatoes are $12 and jalapeños are $9. Far cheaper than plants from the big chain stores and chosen for their hardiness in Alaska. We don’t have a lot, so hurry before they are gone!



We love all of the fabulous sun we get in the afternoons and evenings here and are excited to take advantage of it and will be growing more than just squash this summer. We have cat grass (for your kitties) and herbs growing as fast as they can. In a few weeks these little guys will be ready to hang out in your kitchen or on a sunny windowsill giving you fresh herbs for ages! Look for basil, cilantro, chives and oregano in the future. And as space becomes available, more starts will, well, start!




And just in from crafty maven Cori of Lillith Moon in Skagway – voodoo pin cushions. I think their awesomeness is pretty self explanatory.



The latest thing from the makers of those amazing Cuppow lids has arrived! The BNTO cup! Fits wide mouth jars and holds 6 oz of your favorite whatever! Salad dressing? Peanut butter? You name it! Dishwasher safe and totally rad. Get one now!


We had so much fun at our Elisabethan Trunk Show, and fell in love with so many of the goods that many stayed on as part of our ‘permanent collection’ for you to check out at your leisure! We also believe so much in what the awesome ladies at ‘Bethan are doing that we are holding a t-shirt drive to collect clothing for their skilled and creative hands to turn into new duds! With spring in the air it’s time to clean out those dressers and closets. Why not being your tees down to B and save 10% on your purchase of $25 or more?! For every 15 tees you bring, you get a voucher for use good for a year! So, what do you say? All of those race shirts? Souvenir tees from a vacation so many moons ago? Bring us 10 tees and grab the 5% discount. It’s a win-win-win situation and you’ll feel great that your clothes are going to make awesome artisan clothing!



We are obviously super stoked about our upcoming Elisabethan Trunk Show and t-shirt drive! Throughout the month of March we will be collecting your unwanted and gently used t-shirts to send back to Elisabethan headquarters so they can recycled them into amazing new duds! What’s in it for you? Bring in 15 shirts and save 10% on your Elisabethan purchase! Not interested in making that purchase immediately but want to help anyway? Know that each shirt is worth $1 to a local charity as paid by the good ladies at Elisabethan themselves. It helps in so many ways! New, not more, and you feel great!

Now all those freebie shirts from events and functions that have been sitting in your drawer or closet for years can have a new home and purpose! Hooray!


Elisabethan Trunk Show


Bring in your old tees (the bigger the better!) or clean out your drawers and get rid of all those ‘free-bie’ tees and we will give you credit! Save 5% off your purchase when you bring 15 or more t-shirts. Help the cycle of recycling continue! We will be offering this discount for the entire month of March!

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